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PHASE II by Diane Wright delivers the very finest in comprehensive home-renovation services at a more-than-competitive cost. In fact, in most instances, we are priced lower than higher-end builders and independent contractors while, at the same time, we provide a quality of design, service, and attention to detail that is unequalled in the industry. Simply browse our range of service levels to select the one that best suits your individual needs.

Concierge-Style Contractor Services

The one aspect of PHASE II by Diane Wright that most distinguishes us from other home renovators is our Concierge-style approach to general contracting. Typically, most contractors, once a job is started, are “here today, gone tomorrow”. You’ll see them at the onset of the job, perhaps sporadically during construction, and again at the end of the project. At PHASE II, our founder and owner, Diane Wright, is continually on site working with sub- contractors to make sure her vision is being implemented to agreed-upon specifications, attending to every detail, from the installation of plumbing to the placement of trim in your new kitchen. As your full-service general contractor, Diane and her team will guide your renovation project from an idea on paper to its flawless completion.

Floorplan Design & Blueprint Drafting

A key consideration when renovating a space or building a new addition is the design and layout of the floorplan. From it, all things evolve. PHASE II by Diane Wright can create a custom plan for your home based on how you intend to utilize your space. Whether it’s a renovation or an addition, we devote as much time and effort to the infrastructure as we do the finish out. How your plumbing, electrical and mechanical elements are cared for is every bit as critical to the final result as the style of tiles, cabinets and hardware you choose.

Out-Of-The-Box Space Planning

Not all roads lead to Rome. And not all kitchen sinks need to be positioned under a window. Diane Wright is a master at devising fresh new ways to reconfigure once-ordinary spaces. Especially in kitchens and bathrooms she can create unique new arrangements of the elements in a room, The results will not only cause guests to take notice, but they will make functional sense, as well.

Finish-Out Materials Selection

We all want our homes to be a unique reflection of our personal style. At PHASE II by Diane Wright, our Materials-Selection Services ensure that your home, when completed, will express your distinct design aesthetic to all who enter. We scour the home-design landscape to locate and acquire the finest materials available, from unique faucets, to handmade art tiles for the fireplace surround, antique doors and cabinets, to the finest exotic woods and natural-stone surfaces for the kitchen of your dreams. Let us find for you the elements that will make your house a showplace.

Realtor Consulting & Contractor Services

In addition to directly working with homeowners, we also often provide consulting services to realtors who are looking for design input on updating the properties they are currently showing or preparing to list. If they have active buyers considering a property, we will also consult with those buyers to help them envision how a dated property with obvious potential might be updated or re-imagined to meet their specific needs.

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