diane wright

We’re Built On A Strong Foundation

PHASE II founder and owner, Diane Wright, acquired her passion for home design and construction early in her adult life. After attending college and ascending the corporate ladder, she purchased her first home in a well-established neighborhood in Dallas, Texas – and immediately fell in love with the charm and craftsmanship that is typical in older homes. She renovated her home, sold it, purchased another home with good bones and began the process again. Her passion for the process, combined with her professional business discipline acquired during her career as a sales executive, led to the formation of PHASE II. And the rest, as they say, is history.

PHASE II is focused on renovating and maximizing the potential of higher-end properties around North Dallas. We work exclusively on older properties in established neighborhoods; homes owned or purchased by clients who intend to continue living in and loving the environments that we, together, conceive, create and complete.

PHASE II: Our Name Is Our Promise

They say it’s all in the name. And, in our case, that’s certainly fitting. We selected PHASE II as our company name because it precisely describes what we do. Whether it’s in the design, structure, layout, or all those elements combined, we provide your home with a new and improved lease on life – it’s second phase.  

In addition, the name seemed doubly inspired since establishing herself as a gifted home renovator also represents the second phase in Diane Wright’s professional life – from corporate business executive to successful design maven.

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